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Cannabis Strains & Therapeuthic Use

Medizinisches Cannabis CBD


CBD is just as important as THC in medicinal cannabis and should not be confused with hemp CBD products.

Medicinal Cannabis - CBD

The effect and therapeutic use

CBD gets down to business, it works wonders in the brain, eyes, heart, stomach, skin and bones and is a true medicinal miracle cure. However, CBD is restrained and requires THC to connect with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). As soon as the CBD is absorbed and distributed in the body by the ECS, the healing effects begin, with most users experiencing a pleasant body sensation without changes in consciousness.


Thanks to clever breeders, there are now plants with high levels of CBD and THC again, real miracle plants. They combine the deep effects of CBD with the pain-relieving power of THC - in my experience, a true alternative to opiates.


origin and cultivation

CBD species are now cultivated all over the world. Paradoxical, since CBD has been bred out of plants for THC in recent years. Its origin is therefore pure indica and sativa.


The cultivation and ripening period as well as the stature of the CBD plant corresponds to that of its dominant species.


With only a few exceptions, the norm for cannabis are now hybrid plants.

Medizinisches Cannabis Zuchtlabor Hybrid
Medicinal Cannabis - Hybrid

Effect and Therapeutic Use

Hybrid Indica Dominant

Indica dominant hybrid plants are highly regarded for their strong ability to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and calm. Sativa rounds them out with a feeling of joy. Depending on the application, they are suitable for the whole day.


Hybrid Sativa Dominant

Sativa dominant hybrid plants possess creative, energetic, and euphoric properties. Through Indica, they are also equipped with all medical benefits and are suitable for late evenings as well.


Origin and cultivation

Hybrids and crossbreeds are bred towards perfection by experienced gardeners, breeders, labs, and connoisseurs worldwide. The cultivation and ripening period, as well as the stature of these one-year plants, correspond to that of their dominant cannabis species.

Medizinisches Cannabis Indica Plant


In a time where it seems there are no pure cannabis species left, let me introduce you to the pure Indica strain.

Medicinal Cannabis - Indica

Effect and Therapeutic Use

Indica plants are appreciated for their strong pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties. Its high THC content works to relax, balance, soothe the body and induce sleep. It stimulates the senses, intensifies the sense of taste and smell, and reliefs nausea. This makes it excellent for the treatment of cancer chemo side effects, acute pain, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, migraines, menstrual discomfort, and stress. For many patients, it also stimulates appetite, which is why it is often used in treatments for eating disorders.

Origin and Cultivation

Most Indica strains originate from India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The plants are characterized by a compact, robust structure with wide, dark green leaves and are annual. The flowering time is between 8 to 9 weeks.


Experience Sativa in its original form, in an era where pure species seem to have become extinct.

Medizinisches Cannabis Sativa Field
Medicinal Cannabis - Sativa

Effect and Therapeutic Use

Creativity, movement, focus, and well-being are the characteristic qualities of Sativa. She will elevate your spirits, spark joy and creativity, invigorate the senses, and banish dark thoughts. As a successful therapy for ADHD/ADD, depression, fatigue, and social anxiety, Sativa cannabis is ideal for daytime use due to its lower THC content.


Origin and Cultivation

With roots in Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, and Colombia, Sativa found its way to northern California in 1850 via Mexico. This tall plant with light to medium green, narrow leaves is an annual, and the flowering time is up to 12 weeks.


Species hunters are convinced that there are still pure Sativa species. They venture into remote forests, even in war zones, in search of them.

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