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Legal & FAQ

I would also be happy to answer serious questions via email.

Is Medicinal Cannabis addictive?

About 30% of users develop an addiction, these are mostly younger users under 25 years of age. The picture of addiction corresponds to that of a stoner, stoned all day, playing video games with a bag of chips, pizza and M&Ms on the couch. Everything is fun, peaceful but unmotivated. Cannabis withdrawal usually lasts two weeks and is comparable to caffeine withdrawal; headache, irritability, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. The risk of addiction is extremely low for users starting at 25 years of age or older.

Is Medicinal Cannabis and Medical Marijuana the same?

In principle, there is no difference between medicinal cannabis and medicinal marijuana. The word marijuana comes from the American, meaning the dried flowers of cannabis. Since the word marijuana has fallen into disfavor due to decades of worldwide prohibition, the term medicinal cannabis is now preferred in professional circles. 

How can Medicinal Cannabis help with Cancer Chemo side effects?

Depending on the application, cannabis helps in a matter of minutes with loss of appetite and nausea, pain of all kinds and above all with depression. A natural alternative to treat the side effects of the administered venom. I survived two open abdominal surgeries and chemotherapy without additional pharmaceuticals. I was able to fight my pain in a targeted manner, even the nerve pain after chemo. Controlling nausea and appetite without throwing up and have maintained my weight.

Can I use Medicinal Cannabis without getting high?

Yes. It depends on both the type of cannabis and the method of use. In principle, the Cannabis Art CBD does not lead to an expansion of consciousness, most users only feel a pleasant body feeling. Used rectally or vaginally (suppositories), even cannabis with high THC levels will not get you high. Suppositories are ideal for back and menstrual pain, nausea, stomach and intestinal complaints.

Do I have to smoke Medicinal Cannabis?

Although cannabis needs to be heated to take effect, it doesn't necessarily need to be smoked. After decarboxylation, cannabis can be processed into cookies, gummies, lollipops, candies, syrups, tablets, suppositories, creams and tinctures, among other things.

Can Medicinal Cannabis be lethal?

Overconsumption can lead to a horror trip, but there are no lethal doses when it comes to cannabis. An inexperienced user can accidentally consume too much, especially food is dangerous in this respect. What follows is frightening, but no medical treatment is required for the racing heart, nausea and fear of death. The only things that will help are a dark room and sleep.

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