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Cannabis Method of Use

Medizinisches Cannabis Lotion


When applied externally, THC does not enter the bloodstream; therefore does not make you high and does not show up on any blood tests.

Medicinal Cannabis - Skin

However, when used topically, cannabis can help with the treatment of muscle and ligament pain, tension, bruises, skin eruptions, acne, and scars, and speed up the healing process. It is crucial that the products used (cream, oil, lotion, bath salts, etc.) have a THC content of 0.7 to 3%. This is particularly important for CBD products, as CBD cannot bind to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) without THC.

Head High

The high is primarily felt in the head, of course, cannabis also quickly relieves physical discomfort.

Medizinisches Cannabis Kopf High
Medicinal Cannabis - Head HighHigh


When THC enters the bloodstream through inhalation, the effect takes place within a few minutes and can last up to about an hour. Quick relief is of particular importance during chemotherapy, provided inhalation is approved by the oncologist.


With the official arrival of cannabis in Silicon Valley, there are many electronic innovations that make inhalation of cannabis easier. Alternatives to joints include vaporizers, vape-pens, and e-bongs. In this case, the market leaders, of course German-made, are suitable for flowers, waxes, powders, and hash.


Mucous Membranes

Tinctures and sprays can be used sublingually, under the tongue via the mucous membranes. They also act within a few minutes and last about an hour. Providing fast symptom relief, with a milder head high.

Medizinisches Cannabis Koerper High

Body High

Ingested medicinal cannabis provides physical well-being that sharpens the senses and banishes evil spirits, for hours.

Medicinal Cannabis - Body High


Cannabis enters the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa after consumption of THC products (cookies, candies, chocolate, pills, gummies, etc.). Depending on personal digestion and tolerance, the effect occurs within 60 - 90 minutes and lasts for several hours. A general feeling of well-being spreads throughout the body and head, similar to being tipsy but without a hangover the next morning.


Mucous Membranes

Suppositories, though an acquired taste, are excellent for quick pain relief, especially for back and menstrual pain, cramps, and nausea. Suppositories can be used anally and vaginally, bypassing the stomach, taking effect within 15 minutes and not causing a head high. They are highly suitable for cancer patients during chemotherapy, provided the use of suppositories is approved by your oncologist.

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